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Our supporting system based on China Customs information, oriented to serving enterprises trading with China. Our users come from different industry sectors all over the world, some of them include:
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Diana FoongMalaysia

ETCN helps us to confirm the latest HS Code and tariff in China, the website information is updated in time. They are trustworthy.

Rebecca LeeItaly

HS code is annoying, because whatever you want to export into or import from China, you need to know it then you could know how to do with it...... But ETCN makes this easy, they not only help you check the exact HS code but also let you know the relative formalities! You cannot believe how professional they are, just have a try!


Every time ETCN can quickly and professionally answer my questions, I already enjoy being an ETCN member.


I am so lucky that I found ETCN before starting an International trade with China so that the unnecessary trouble and probable loss are efficiently eliminated! It is a real tutor!

Lam GentsUnited States

I used to be worried about how to find good wholesalers in China, you know, I do rhinestones business, it is ETCN who helped me. Now, I do not need to worry at all, what's more, I also can help my friends in other fields to find the providers or agents they need through ETCN.


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