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HS Classification

HS Classification

  • Easily find the HS code for any commodity
  • Advanced filter for accurate classification
  • Customs Classification historical items for reference

Harmonized Tariff Schedule

  • 2024 China Harmonized Tariff Schedule
  • Clear and complete HS directory tree
  • Detailed and practical commodity description

Tariffs and Costs

Tariffs & taxes

  • Efficiently, accurately auto-calculate tariff, consumption tax, value-added tax, etc
  • Help cut costs by revealing the lowest duties, value-added tax, etc
  • Wisely calculate total landed cost and predict profits
  • Help make trade decision by graphic reports

Landed Cost Calculator

  • Accurately identify China’s latest tariff information
  • Capture applicable duty cuts, relevant policies and application procedures
  • Help evade trade risks by prompting anti-dumping/anti-subsidy duties
  • Help minimize cost by comparing tariffs of many sources

Average Import Price

Average Import Price

  • Offering average prices of any HS Code-based imports
  • Evasion of import price risks by referring to historical price data
  • Logistic optimization to minimize trade cost by comparing average import prices at various countries/regions;
  • Market prediction by intelligent graphic analyses so as to help capture trade opportunities.

Regulations & Restrictions

Import Customs Supervision

  • Document(s)/certificate(s)/license (s) to be provided/issued as required by China import/export regulations which govern community under HS code
  • Necessary documentation
  • Issuing authorities
  • Documentation explanations
  • Detail information about the regulation and import requirements

Customs Declaration Norms

  • China Customs Commodity Declaration Catalogue
  • Necessary information for customs declaration

China Compulsory Certification

  • CCC Mark requirements
  • CCC product categories
  • CCC scope of Application
  • Product description and examples

Anti-dumping Measures

  • Help evade trade risks by identifying anti-dumping/anti-subsidy covered goods
  • Prompt required Certificate of Origin and trade documents
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